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We are all born equal.

We are all born with a fire inside. With an urge for creation, an urge to smile, to laugh, to discover, invent, connect with our natural surroundings.

The world most of us nowadays live in though has developed many clever mechanisms to take that away from us. Bury it. Make us forget.

Make us forget what we really want, how we really want to live, WHO WE REALLY ARE.

Many of us have either forgotten their fire of infinite potential inside, it got rejected time and time again from society, or other forces made us doubt ourselves and our real power.

Our power to manifest anything in the world if we really belief in our capability to do so.


We all have that INNER FIRE inside of us.

We ALL are born with an INFINITE POTENTIAL to manifest in the material world whatever we focus all our energy on.

ALLIANCE RISING FIRE is a contract with yourself. A contract to rediscover and refuel that inner flame. ALLIANCE RISING FIRE is a contract with our self to manifest our true potential in the physical world.

We are here to show by example that each of us has the potential to change, to thrive, to move others and the world.

Any one of you can make that contract with yourself. To become a better person each day. To each day manifest more of your true potential.

Join The Movement.

The Time Is Now.

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