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No diet will ever remove all your fat. You know why? Our brain consists of 70% fat. So: With the brain being our most energy consuming organ of the body: what macro nutrient do you think we are ACTUALLY built processing and using as fuel for maximum energy and performance? A hint: it is not carbs. So much for the catchy introduction. Now, let's get to the core of:

1. Why healthy fats won't make you fat and sick but a high carb diet most likely will.

2. How to get rid of that stubborn fat that seems to stick even in a caloric deficit.

3. How to easily and healthily loose weight without ever again worrying about being hungry or counting calories. Ever wondered why since we scienticed food our nutritional problems including obesity and diabetes seem to have exploded? Since we started measuring food in calories, fats, carbs, and proteins something got lost on the way. What is it? First thing we have to understand: Calories are not calories. You can consume 1000kcal of sugar or 1000kcal of MCT oil and what your body will do with it will not be the same.

Not all carbs are equal. Some are literally toxic to your health, especially your brain, others are vital for a happy gut and a well working immune system. Not all proteins are equal. Some plant proteins are actually designed to kill us while other proteins help us live a long and healthy life. Last but most importantly: Not all fats are created equal. There are those hydrogenated fats that will literally fry your insides and then there are those natural fats that will help you becoming the best, most efficient, energetic, and lean version of yourself. What am I talking about? Let's answer two questions first: Do you know what the minimal amount of carb intake for the human survival is? Virtually zero. Do you know how long we can survive without eating fat? Not long. Genetically, our bodies are designed to thrive on natural, unprocessed fats and it has done that for the past 2 million years. Then, about 10,000 years ago with the rise of agriculture we thought it would be a good idea to start disrespecting our genome and make carbs abundantly available for our daily diet. Do you know how long it takes to make significant gene adaptions? 40,000 to 70,000 years. Carbs suddenly became abundantly available only 10,000 years ago. This means: We are not adapted to a high intake of carbs, not at all. And that's why carbs sit in the drivers seat of making us sick and fat. Before the appearance of agriculture our carbohydrate intake made about 5% of our total diet and it mostly happened in late summer and autumn with the ripening of berries and fruits. Eating those carbs was a signal for our metabolism to fatten up for the upcoming winter where food would be scarce. Significance? Carbs still serve as signal to our body to “fatten up”. What do you think happens now when with our daily carb intake we give our bodies this signal 365 days a year? Welcome to the obesity epidemic. What to do? Let's tackle the major myth behind all of it: Eating fat equals being fat. WRONG RIGHT would be: eating healthy fats will help you loose weight. This is so counter intuitive. Let me explain. So far we learned that our bodies genetically are designed to primary use fat as fuel. We call that process ketosis: using ketones (=”fat energy”) for fuel. Now what happens if you want to fuel a racing car with canola oil instead of high octane oil? It will still run for a time, but its engine will clog up and eventually all parts will break down and the car will die. That is what is happening if you deny a machine or organism its primary fuel it is designed using for optimal performance. And this metaphorically is exactly what is happening over time when we replace natural fats with ever more carbs in our diet. I know this is a lot to take in. Let's recap for a second. What we learned so far: 1. Genetically, our bodies are designed to use natural unprocessed fats as primary fuel.

2. Carbs are a signal to our brain and body to “fatten up” (store calories we consume as fat instead of using them for energy). What would happen if we cut carbs and switch to natural fats instead ? For the grand majority: a rough start. Naturally, we are born in ketosis and while breast fed we stay in that state. But with our following continuous carb intake most of us forgot how to produce ketones (energy from fat) and use it as fuel. We have to re-learn this process which will take some time and patience and probably most of us will also go through a tough sugar withdrawal. There are shortcuts though! Yes, truly! And I wish I would have known before because I went through the hard process years back without knowing this. Instead of waiting on our bodies to figure out how to produce ketones and use them for energy we can consume ketone sources directly and speed up the process. Once our body has learned how to use fat as energy source it will start using our stubborn fat storage we so eagerly would like to see disappear. What sources are those? Ever heard of MCT-oil, short for medium-chain-triglyceride oil? Without getting too nerdy here there are several different MCTs. Depending which MCT-oil you purchase, the composition can be much different but this is the part that is critically important. One specific MCT, it is called C8 is basically a fat that cannot be stored as fat. You heard right. You can ingest C8 but your body cannot store it as fat but has to use it for energy. Which is another way of saying: C8 turns into ketones when you consume it even when carbs are present. Meaning: it instantly teaches your body how to use your fat as fuel for energy. “The KETO COFFE” Now demystify how a “coffee can burn fat”. Ever heard the term “bulletproof” or “keto coffe”? The terms refer to the same: Coffee + MCT-oil (which should be C8 based) + gras fed butter + collagen By reading these ingredients you by now might be able to answer yourself how “a coffee can burn fat”. There are plenty of reasons for the other ingredients but that is content for another article. For now we acknowledge that specific products can help us to instantly produce ketones which re-teaches our body how to use its fat storages for fuel. I admit, when I first read about this, fat helping you to burn fat, I was in disbelief. Probably you now are, too. An up to 400kcal coffee in the morning should me help loose weight, feel focused, and energized? I didn't believe it and tried it as huge skeptic. IT WORKS. Please do me one favor. If you are inclined to argue on this, feel free but not before you have tried it yourself. Here are two 2 ways you can do this and replace your breakfast with a keto coffee:

1. MAKE IT SIMPLE with “KETO COFFEE” Everything in this product is already mixed. Only high quality ingredients.

2. MAKE IT YOURSELF If you want to make your own keto coffee it is essential you pay the utmost attention to the ingredients of your keto coffee, especially the MCT-oil. Skip the cheap ones, they mostly contain lauric acid (C12) which does not have the effect of C8 you want and is useless for producing ketone instantly. If you want to be really sure, use the Brain Octane Oil from the founder of bulletproof coffee himself:

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil:

For your choice of butter and collagen goes: only gras-fed!

Try it. Then report on it and spread the word.

Last but not least an important note. Something which is frequently misunderstood: Not all carbs are bad! On the contrary. There are many healthy carb containing foods that do us good, especially when we are high performing athletes or have a very active lifetyle. Further, if you are a woman you should never stay in permanent ketosis. The actual problem lies not in the carbs per se but in the trade-off. If we eat excessively more carbs we will naturally eat less natural fats and when those are missing our body's health and cognitive performance will go haywire.

This is only the beginning of a long story of nutritional misconceptions and myths. If you cannot wait how it ends I encourage you to deep dive into a whole new world of wonder with these two books: "Deep Nutrition" by Catherine Shanahan: (English) (Deutsch)

"Grain Brain" by David Perlmutter: (English) (Deutsch) Author: Sunve


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